Meet me at Marmite...


Dining at Marmite you’ll often find Bruce wandering the room. If he’s not chatting with friends around the restaurant you’ll catch him in Marmite’s open kitchen cooking up a storm or stopping by your table to make sure dinner is just right. Bruce’s broths and stocks are the heart and soul of Marmite’s offerings. Prepared in a 40 gallon Marmite (French for cooking pot or vessel) these lovingly made bases create rich, deep flavors in every dish for which they are used. While Bruce and Sara Naftaly have a knack for the unique our food is about love not novelty, though we do have quite a bit of fun preparing it. Our breads and pastries are provided by Sara’s bakery Amandine, which is conveniently located right next door.


At Marmite you will find a delightful mixture of what Bruce + Sara like and what is seasonal. The Naftalys seek human connection through their kitchens. As Sara says, “it has to come from the soul or speak to us on a personal, human level.” They are always looking for the farm nearby growing excellent asparagus or local organizations that are working to build sustainability in our community. This is why Marmite + Spirit in the Bottle have partnered with the PCC Farmland Trust. As the dust settles in our space we will begin featuring events to support the cause whenever we can!

On November 1st our takeout window will be open for business from 11am 'til 3pm Tuesday through Friday. Stop by for a cup of hot broth and a sandwich on your way to work or a quart of cold stock for home. If you’re curious as to what we’ll be offering take a look at our menus below!


Dining at Marmite - Current Menus*




Takeout Window

*menus are subject to change