Weekend Brunch



To Eat

Amandine Pastries

(please inquire)


Pumpkin Soup $9
with toasted pumpkin seeds and Juniper berries

Cardoon, Sunchoke, & Spinach Soup $10
with crème fraîche

Chicken or Vegetable Broth $7.50


Salad Lyonnaise $14
frisée, smoky bacon, potatoes, with champagne vinaigrette & a poached egg

Lentil Salad $14
with pickled potato, cabbage, cider vinegar & a poached egg

Brandade Croquettes $18
with smoked paprika, piment d’espelette mayo, and a fried egg 

Farmer’s Breakfast $13
bacon or house-made country sausage, toast or biscuit, and your choice of eggs

Black Cap Raspberry & Oat Buttermilk Pancakes $14
with spiced apple syrup

Oeufs au Nid $12
two fried eggs over garlic mashed potatoes
• add sausage $6

Salmon Kedgeree $16
salmon, rice, curry sauce, capers, pickled radishes, hard boiled eggs, and chives

Blintzes $16
with Kurt’s farmhouse cheese and chive butter sauce

Rice Fritters $8
with house made jam


Two Eggs, your choice $3 

Bacon or house-made country sausage $6

Amandine Biscuit, Sourdough or Brioche Toast $4

House-made Jam $1.5

To Drink


Porch Swing $13

Bourbon, Pêche de Vigne, Rabarbaro, Lemon & Assam Tea

Amaro & Grapefruit Juice $10

Barolo Chinato & Yuzu Tonic $10

Mimosa $8

Bloody Mary $10


Beer & Cider

Bitburger Pilsner Tallboy $5

Chuckanut Pilsner $7

Cloudburst IPA $7

Other Drinks

Dorothea Coffee

Espresso  $3.50

Macchiato  $4

Americano  $3.50

Latté  $4.50

Drip  $3.50


Smacha Tea  $5

Earl Grey black

Yunnan Tian Hong black

Tie Kuan Yin green

White Peony & Rose Petal white

3 Mints herbal

Chamomile & Lemongrass herbal


Beer - $7 (glass)

Cloudburst - IPA

Chuckanut - Pilsner



Mountain Valley Sparkling Water  $4

Iced Tea $3.50

Citron Pressé $4

Fresh squeezed orange juice $7

Jason’s house made kombucha $5

Sidra Bereziartua $7